A Year with Covid-19 and a Small Business

It's been a long year. A very long year, and not the easiest for everyone. My intention to start a blog was very quickly thwarted last year when Covid-19 hit, and I struggled to work. The struggle was hard as I dealt with lack of childcare due to closing schools, the shop I work from closing during the outbreak and the lack of space at home to work in.

The effect Covid-19 had on my small business left me feeling a bit crushed. After making it through the first lockdown and with sales starting to come in steadily, I then fell ill with the virus. I was very poorly and couldn't work at all for around three months. I was also left with post viral complications which included insomnia and this lasted for 6 months.

Despite everything, I'm still here and still sewing. Recovering from a very rocky year hasn't been easy, but sales are starting to pick up again. I feel that I struggled so much because I'd only returned from a 3-year break from the business, 6 months before Covid-19 hit, making it so much harder to become re-established.

Moving forward, I have many plans for Albert Postlethwait as I continue to grow as a business. There have been several new garment releases this year and these will continue as I have a whole list to work through. New fabric options will also appear more regularly. Join the Facebook group to see what I've ordered and to get a pre-order in. https://www.facebook.com/groups/774613259241099/

The blog will become a monthly fixture from now on and will share details of new fabrics, garment releases and plans for Albert Postlethwait.

Thank you for reading and supporting Albert Postlethwait.


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