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    Salmon Rainbow Hemmed Leggigns

    Salmon Rainbow Hemmed Leggigns

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    Leggings in Salmon Rainbow Cotton Jersey

    Hemmed Leggings are made from a soft cotton jersey. They have an elasticated waist and hemmed legs. These are a very slim fitting legging.

    You can also choose from a Cropped or Full length leg. These leggings have a cut for cloth option to suit cloth nappy users.

    Made cotton jersey fabric 95% Cotton 5% Elastane

    Clothing Sizes

    The measurements below will help you to work out the correct size to order for your child. If you are unsure of anything please message the page for help or email info@albertpostlethwait.com

    Newborn: Hip 38cm

    0-3 months: Hip 40.5cm

    3-6 months: Hip 43.5cm

    6-9 months: Hip 46cm

    9-12 months: Hip 48cm

    12-18 months: Hip 50cm

    18-24 months : Height 92cm, Hip 54cm, Thigh 33cm, Inside leg 32.5cm

    2-3 Years: Height 98cm, Hip 56cm, Thigh 35cm, inside leg 35.5cm

    3-4 Years: Height 104cm, Hip 59cm, Thigh 37cm, Inside leg 39cm

    4-5 Years: Height 110cm, Hip 62cm, Thigh 39 cm, Inside leg 42 cm

    5-6 Years: Height 116cm, Hip 65cm, Thigh 41cm, Inner leg 45cm

    6-7 Years: Height 122cm, Hip 68cm, Thigh 42cm, Inside leg 48.5cm

    7-8 Years: Height 128cm, Hip 71cm, Thigh 45cm, Inside leg 51cm

    8-9 Years: Height 134cm, Hip 74cm, Thigh 47cm, Inside leg 54cm

    9-10 Years: Height 140cm, Hip 77cm, Thigh 49cm, Inside leg 57cm

    10-11 Years: Height 146cm, Hip 80cm, Thigh 51cm, Inside leg 59.5cm

    11-12 Years: Height 152cm, Hip 83cm, Thigh 53.5cm, Inside leg 62.5cm

    12-13 Years: Height 158cm, Hip 86cm, Thigh 56cm, Inside leg 65.5cm

    13-14 Years: Height 164cm, Hip 89cm, Thigh 58.5cm, Inside leg 68.5cm


    Made to order and ready to ship within 2 weeks