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    Road Map Leggings

    Road Map Leggings

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    Leggings in Road Map Cotton Jersey

    Leggings are made from a soft cotton jersey. They have an elasticated waistband and the legs are finished with cuffs

    Made from Cotton Jersey 95% Cotton 5% Elastane

    Clothing Sizes

    The measurements below will help you to work out the correct size to order for your child. If you are unsure of anything please message for help info@albertpostlethwait.com

    Newborn: Height 58cm, Waist 40cm, In seam 19cm

    0-3 months: Height 64cm, Waist 42cm, In seam 22.cm

    3-6 months: Height 70cm, Waist 44cm, In seam 25cm

    6-9 months: Height 76cm, Waist 46cm, In seam 28cm

    9-12 months: Height 82cm, Waist 48cm, In seam 32cm

    12-18 months: Height 88cm, Chest 50cm, In seam 35cm

    18-24 months: Height 92cm, Waist 51cm, In seam 38cm

    2-3 years: Height 99cm, Waist 52cm, In seam 41cm

    3-4 years: Height 106cm, Waist 54cm, In seam 45cm

    4-5 years: Height 113cm, Waist 55cm, In seam 48cm

    5-6 years: Height 120cm, Waist 57cm, In seam 52cm

    6-7 years: Height 127cm, Waist 59cm, In seam 56cm

    7-8 years: Height 134cm, Waist 60cm, In seam 59cm

    8-10 years: Height 141cm, Waist 62cm, In seam 63cm
    10-12 years: Height 148cm, Waist 63cm, In seam 66cm

    Handmade to order and ready to ship within 2 weeks