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    Newborn Hybrid Nappy - made to order

    Newborn Hybrid Nappy - made to order

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    Hybrid Fitted

    Select your fabric choice from the list. Use the comments box for any other information or measurements.

    Hybrid fitted are an absorbent and breathable nappy which can be used either as two part system with a nappy cover, or on their own.

    The nappy is made up of two parts. An outer shell and a snap in soaker system. Inside the nappy shell is a hidden layer of polyester fleece which helps to repel moisture back into the soaker.

    A hybrid fitted is not waterproof however it is water resistant. The lack of PUL(polyurethane laminate) and the use of the polyester fleece ensures better circulation of air to babies skin.

    You can expect a hybrid fitted to last 2-4 hours between changes. Using a nappy cover over the top is advisable if the nappy will be worn for extended periods of time.

    Outer shell is made from Cotton Jersey, Polyester fleece, Micro fleece, Elastic and plastic snaps.
    Inner soaker is made from Heavy Organic Bamboo Fleece, Zorb Diamonds and Bamboo Velour.

    Nappies should be washed at 40 degrees using a detergent that does not contain bleach. Nappies should not be soaked in napisan or any other soaking agent.

    Nappies Can be tumble dried on a low heat

    Newborn fits 6-12lbs  This nappy has a snap down front to ensure the nappy doesn't catch on babies umbilical cord.

    Made to order and ready to ship within two weeks