Llama Nappy

Albert Postlethwait

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Cloth Nappy in Llama Print

The nappy is made up of two parts. An outer shell and a snap in soaker. Inside the nappy shell is a layer of polyurethane laminate(PUL) which helps to keep moisture within the nappy. The soaker is made of absorbent layers of Heavy organic bamboo fleece, Zorb Diamonds and Bamboo Velour.

Outer shell is made from Cotton Jersey, Polyurethane Laminate, Micro fleece, Elastic and plastic snaps.
Inner soaker is made from Heavy Organic Bamboo Fleece, Zorb Diamonds and Bamboo Velour.

Nappies should be washed at 40 degrees using a detergent that does not contain bleach. Nappies should not be soaked in napisan or any other soaking agent.

Do not tumble dry the outer shells. 

Cloth Nappies are designed to fit babies between 12-35lbs. This nappy can be adjusted in length to fit a smaller baby by snapping the front snaps down. 

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